Physical Infrastructure

SSS is situated in a complex of buildings at its own Campus of 4.8 acres. The School has currently a space of about 14,000 sq ft., lecture halls, conference hall, library, reading halls, archaeological museum, faculty conference hall, administrative office, project office, faculty rooms and research scholars apartments.


The faculty has specializations in frontier areas like Social History, Social Theory, Human Ecology, Political Economy, Socio-linguistic Philosophy, Economic Anthropology, Ethnography, Social History, Social Theory, Social Anthropology, Archaeology and Human Ecology, Political Economy, Socioeconomic History and Culture Study, Political Philosophy and Social Theory, Mathematical Economics and Social Theory and Economic Anthropology.


There is a collection of about 18000 books in the library of School of Social Sciences. Besides it has back volumes of four important journals in Social Sciences. The reference collection on south India is accessed by scholars from different parts even from abroad. Web access to over 200 international journals in social sciences is also available. There is a special collection of old books contributed by the family of Shankunny Menon, Diwan of the Cochin kingdom from 1860 to 1879. This collection has been digitalised to preserve the brittle books. In addition,several old and rare collections of books and documents are also digitalised for open access.

Computer Lab

A well-equipped Computer Lab with 20 terminals and web access cater to the academic needs of the students as well as the faculty. Access to numerous academic journals and other on line resources are available .