Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Year Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants Date From – To Link to the Activity report on the website
2016 M. Govindan Memorial Lecture on “Posthumanism and Human Sciences” 48 27/9/2016
2017 M Govindan Memorial Lecture “Critical History Writing” 55 21/08/2017
2017 M. Muralidharan Memorial Lecture on “Sovereignty and Democracy in Early Political Novels in Malayalam” 58 14/9/2017
2019 “The New Multiculturalism in Latin American Societies; Ongoing Transformation in the Informational Era” 43 14/10/2019
2019 “Politics of Knowledge and Research Ethics” 40 16/10/2019
2020 “ The Audacity of Hope: Some Reflections on Ayyankali’s Daring Struggles against Caste” 60 27/02/2020
2020 “The Sociological Imagination in the Time of Covid -19” 43 15/10/2020
2020 “Anatomy of National Farm Reforms Bills” 51 24/10/2020
2021 ‘Complexity and Complimentarity of Indian Secularism’ 58 15/09/21
2021 ‘Staging “History” on Water: Memories and Identities after Kochi Kayal Sammelanam’ 56 18/12/2021
2022 “Caste in the Twenty First Century: New Phase of Domination and Resistance” 50 02/03 /2022
2022 “Reflections on Statecraft and Violence in Postcolonial Tamil Nadu” 50 03/03/2022
2022 “Revisiting the Concept of Caste: An Invitation for a Dialogue” 50 04/03/2022
2022 “Caste Concealment: Notes on Finding a Flat in Uttar Pradesh” 50 04/03/2022


Seminars, Conferences, Workshops Camps, Symposiums and Fests

  • Dr. M. Muralidharan Memorial Lecture, 23rd March, 2023

  • M. Govindan Memorial Lecture, 15th March, 2023



  • Special lecture delivered by Prof. P. M Rajan Gurukkal on “Interdisciplinary Learning in the Age of Knowledge Economy” on 30th January, 2023.


  • One week workshop on “Scientific Documentation of Archaeological Artefacts” jointly organized by School of Social Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University and Department of History, Payyanur College in collaboration with Chieti University, Italy between 25th November 2022 and 30th November 2022.

  • Ayyankali Chair Lecture Series

18th October, 2022


13th & 14th October, 2022

  • Lateral Dialogues Lecture Series


  • Prof. Sabu Thomas, Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi University visiting the Numismatic Exhibition held at School of Social Sciences as part of the Social Science Fest, Aeonian 2022.

  • Aeonian 2022 Inaugural Procession, 24th August 2022


  • Academic Lectures held as part of Aeonian 2022 on 24th and 25th August, 2022

  • Philatelic Exhibition organized as part of Aeonian 2022

  • Paleolithic Stone Tool Exhibition as part of Aeonian 2022

  • SSS Alumni Meet, 26th August, 2023


  • Aeonian 2022, the Social Science Fest conducted by School of Social Sciences held on 24th, 25th and 26th 2022

  • SSS Film Club Weekly Movie Screening

  • One Day Workshop on “Doing Archaeology in the Contemporary World” on 17 May 2022
  • International Webinar on “Caste in the Twenty First Century: New Phase of Domination and Resistance” on 2-4 March 2022
  • National Conference on “Anatomy of National Farm Reform Bills” organized in collaboration with Ecumenial Christian Centre, Bengaluru, and Jain (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru, on 24 October 2020
  • Ayyankali Chair Lecture on “The Audacity of Hope: Some Reflections on Ayyankali’s Daring Struggle against Caste” by Dr. Joseph Tharamangalam on 27 February 2020
  • Public Lecture on “Politics of Knowledge and Research Ethics” 0n 6 October 2019
  • Acquire Scholarship Programme (University Level Camp) on 6-8 October 2010
  • Dr. Rajan Gurukkal Felicitation Seminar on “Doing History beyond the Discipline” on 16-17 May 2008
  • Twenty-three regional workshops on Understanding Interdisciplinary Research
    (UGC & ICSSR 1993-2008)
  • Thirteen National Seminars (One in collaboration with IIT, Kanpur (1994) on
    Tradition and Modernity, One in association with IIAS Shimla on Technology and
    Social Transformation, Two under the auspices of ICSSR (1997 and 2003) One in
    association with MIDS Chennai on Social Exclusion, One under IEDP (2002) on
    People and Forest. Two with Planning Board (2004 & 2005) ICSSR (2006 &
    2007). One with ICHR (2007) One with ICHR (2008)
  • One International Conference in collaboration with the Institute of Social Science
    (New Delhi) in 1998 on 500 Years of Colonialism
  • Twenty-six Symposia & Orientation workshops on curriculum development in
    Social Sciences for affiliated college teachers
  • One five-day workshop on Capacity Building on Human Development in Higher
    Education in collaboration with State Planning Board 2009
  • Workshop of young Researchers in Social Sciences, under the auspices of IX
    Annual Meet of the Young Indian Studies Association
  • One five day workshop on Capacity Building on Human Development in Higher
    Education in collaboration with State Planning Board 2009
  • Three Erudite Scholar in Residence Programmes: Prof. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak,
    Prof. Partha Chatterjee and Prof. Romila Thapar.