Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Programme Specific Outcome (PSO)

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO)
(1) The students will have ethnographic and theoretical understanding of the current anthropological practices.
(2) They will be able to self-reflexively approach the discipline of anthropology and also achieve commendable knowledge in interdisciplinary thinking.
(3) They will be able to adopt a critical understanding of various theories, concepts, categories, taxonomies, and methodologies in social science disciplines to carry out interdisciplinary inquiries in the study of anthropology as well as other professions.
(4) They will be able to demonstrate that understanding culture is foundational of human existence and social transformation.
(5) They will be sensitive to the plurality of cultural practices and the importance of analytically approaching them to bring human wellbeing.
(6) They will be able to apply the acquired knowledge to involve in activities that would improve the life chances of poor and the vulnerable sections of the society.
(7) They would develop a sustained interest to engage in a cultural critique of continuously changing socio-economic and political processes.
(8) They will have an understanding of the dynamics of Indian culture and intellectual tradition.
(9) They will have advantage in getting placements in governmental and non-governmental organizations as professional social scientists/anthropologists.