SSS is committed to conserve its environs even while undertaking inevitable new expansion of built up spaces. We take extra care to allow the fecundity of the soil to flourish. The campus is greened by flora with substantive diversity.

There is a Nature Club to conserve the existing bio-diversity in the campus and also to sensitize new students about the need for environmental friendly vision. Students carry the message of environment sensitivity outside the Campus. The School has organized a week-long Nature Camp In Thekkady for M.A. and M.Phil. students to make them aware of biodiversity, the social aspects of tribal living and eco-development programmes. Officials of Forest Department gave lectures on Social Forestry and Participatory Management. The school conducts study tours to historical and archaeological sites annually which helps familiarize students with various historical monuments.

There is a film club in the School which screens both documentary and feature films on Wednesday afternoons using the audio-visual-digital facilities available in the School. There is ample scope and space for the students to come out with their cultural and artistic talents especially at the auspicious occasions such as Welcoming of the new comers, Send-off to the outgoing students, Onam, Christmas and so on.